Marketing Tips for During and After a Natural Disaster

  Like many others in St. Augustine, I was wide awake at 2 AM on Monday, September 11, listening to the howling winds and torrential rain as Hurricane Irma made its way through our beautiful historic town. Anxiously, I watched as flood water from the nearby marsh

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The Economics of Sleep

They say that time is money. During the day, that statement makes sense (or cents). If you’re an hourly wage earner, each full circle of that big hand on a clock is more money in your pocket. If you’re a St. Augustine business owner, you want that

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Fall is Coming. Market it Up!

Ahhh, the nights are getting longer, school buses are on the road again, and you can feel hints of the coolness of Autumn…. …oh, we’re in St. Augustine, Florida. Forget about the coolness of the changing season. We’re still a bit sweltering in these parts. However, a

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What to Do When Your Cash Flow Brings Excess Cash

As our economy improves, so does the cash flow for many of St. Augustine’s small businesses. If strong sales and profits are adding excess cash to your business checking account, don’t just sit back and enjoy the good times. Take this opportunity to get the best possible

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Best Practice Video Tips for Major Social Media Platforms

  In July, LinkedIn rolled out the ability to record and upload 10 minutes of video to a small number of members. Very soon, this feature will be available to all members of the social media network. Given LinkedIn’s professional audience, this will be a great tool

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If You’re Dealing with the IRS, Don’t Forget Your Taxpayer Bill of Rights

  As you’re probably aware, the IRS tends not to be popular with the American public. Over the years, stories have circulated through the news media and social media about IRS harassments, unfair audits, and penalties. And when you add in the stereotypical image of an uncaring

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Use Facebook Groups to Promote Your Expertise

Many small businesses create Facebook Pages with hopes of attracting customers. Unfortunately, Facebook pages are pretty much a pay to play platform. Unless you pay to boost and promote your Facebook Page posts they won’t have the organic reach they did a few years ago. It’s can

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Can Your Mileage Log Stand Up to an IRS Audit?

  It’s the end of the year, you’re gathering your tax records and just realized you need to write down your mileage for the year. You find some scribbled notes about a trip you took to the airport. You recall that every Friday, you drove to the

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Launch Your Local Search Engine Optimization Strategy with These 5 Action Items

In 2016, at least 53 percent of consumers searched online for local businesses. That’s up from 42 percent in 2015. According to Google Data, 76 percent of these searchers visited the business they found online within a day. Purchases were made by 28 percent of those searchers.

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QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop – Choosing What’s Right for Your Business

When it came to purchasing QuickBooks, life was a bit simpler a decade ago. You bought the accounting software online or at your friendly Jacksonville computer store. Opened a box, inserted a CD and loaded the program on your computer. Now you were in business tracking payments,

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