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We Like to Keep Our Clients Up-To-Date on the Latest Productivity, Marketing and Business Trends

Promote Your Small Business Expertise with Video Q&As

Have you incorporated videos into your online presence yet? If not, you’re missing out on one of the largest marketing and promotion strategies available to get the word out about your business. According to frequently quoted stats from Hubspot, 72% of consumers...

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QuickBooks Online Updates & Tips

As Bookkeeping Virtual Assistants, we’re continually honing our QuickBooks skills to support our business clients. Recently, we completed our recertification as QuickBooks Pro Advisors and became more familiar with some of the major updates to the accounting software....

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How Business Leaders Can Build Leaders in Their Business

As a leader in your business: Would an average increase in profits by 20% be of interest to you? How about boosting productivity levels of your employees by 17%? Would you be impressed If sales increased by 20%? Would a 40% decrease in absenteeism transform your...

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Enhance Your Online Presence with Q&As

If a consumer Googled your business name, what would they find? In the recent past, most searchers would find a link to your website where they could learn more about your business, find a phone number or address then decide to call or visit based on the information...

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Four Leadership Skills That Can Help Bring You Success

Are you a leader? If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or an executive in a business or non-profit, you might answer “yes” to that question. After all, your position automatically makes you influential in the direction of your company and staffing decisions....

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How to Build Trust into Your Marketing

We’re experiencing an era where the term “fake news” can quickly discredit a story or the organization sharing the story. Don’t think that fakeness and mistrust are solely focused on news organizations. Brand communications can be swept up into the current skeptical...

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How to Read Your Financial Statements

Do you know where your business dollars are? That’s a question every small and large business manager should be able to answer quickly. Knowing where your cash flow currently sits, where it is coming from and going to, are key factors to making smart decisions about...

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How to Respond to Facebook News Feed Changes

On January 11, Facebook announced that the news feed we all enjoy would change to prioritize content from friends, family and groups. Your Facebook business page content just got less organic reach—again. What’s Facebook Looking For? More Meaningful Conversation....

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