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We Like to Keep Our Clients Up-To-Date on the Latest Productivity, Marketing and Business Trends

How to Read Your Financial Statements

Do you know where your business dollars are? That’s a question every small and large business manager should be able to answer quickly. Knowing where your cash flow currently sits, where it is coming from and going to, are key factors to making smart decisions about...

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How to Respond to Facebook News Feed Changes

On January 11, Facebook announced that the news feed we all enjoy would change to prioritize content from friends, family and groups. Your Facebook business page content just got less organic reach—again. What’s Facebook Looking For? More Meaningful Conversation....

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8 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

As we’ve noted frequently, St. Augustine business owners and managers are some of the busiest people we know. Unfortunately, busy sometimes doesn’t translate to efficient. While juggling various tasks might seem the typical life of an...

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Google Tools Small Businesses Should Know

Earlier this year Google rolled out a new feature St. Augustine small businesses can use to promote timely news: Google Posts. Google Posts isn’t exactly a new tool. It’s an evolution to a tool Google provided political candidates to post up-to-date information. The...

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4 Outsourcing Advantages You Should Consider

In our crazy busy world, we’ve found small business owners to be some of the busiest. Like many business owners, they tend to wear many hats. Beyond their primary business activity hat, owners can wear an accounting hat, human resources hat, IT hat, marketing hat and...

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