Jacksonville & St. Augustine Human Resources Services

BSUicons-HRThis department was created to help small business owners with the complex compliance & legal aspect of their organization as it relates to their biggest asset, employees.

Our team is staffed and experienced to handle hiring & firing recommendations, conflict resolution, managerial & customer service training, labor law consulting, drafting of internal documents/ handbooks, etc., internal relations/team building, program development, exit interviews & much, much more.

    How We Can Help You

  • Benefits Co-Ordination
  • Staffing Recommendations
  • Employee Exit Interviews
  • Internal Surveys
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Managerial & Customer Service Training
  • Labor Law/Human Resource Consulting
  • Drafting of Employee Handbooks, Policies, Procedures, Etc.
  • Internal Relations/Morale & Team Building
  • Program Development (such as training, new hire orientation, wellness, new client, client advisor board, employee committees, business development, mentor/mentee, and many more)

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