Malcolm X once said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” We must plan and prepare for the future that we want, not only for ourselves but for future generations that will follow in our footsteps.

Businesses are a major part of what makes our great nation thrive. To run those businesses one must have money to open and maintain the business. Without money there is no business and without businesses our great nation faces a potential downward spiral. Therefore to help ensure the success and the continued productivity within a business is an accounting department. Through accounting we are able to help ensure that businesses are here for the long haul. No one understood this more than HRH The Prince of Wales, who created a project titled Accounting for Sustainability. Through this project they aim to demonstrate and encourage change that results in sustainable business practices, develop practical tools to assist this change, and facilitate the environment to help further the change toward sustainable business practices. The mission statement for this project is “To catalyse action by the finance, accounting and investor community to support a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy.”

Too often do we think of the short-term gains and losses of one’s business, instead of thinking of the future of the business and how it might affect our nation’s economic success. Through this project there are many opportunities that will help a company follow the path to ensuring their company’s a sustainable one. The Accounting for Sustainability offers a A4S CFO Leadership Network to ignite the change within the CFO and business community and the A4S Accounting Bodies Network which provides over two million accountants to help incorporate sustainability into accounting qualifications, standards and approaches.

The person who builds a strong foundation for their company shall maintain that sustainability that all business owners hope for.

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