Not long ago, a Facebook ad appeared on my newsfeed that motivated me to click thru to the other side of their promotion.

Disappointingly, the destination of the click landed me on the company’s website home page.

The content of the home page provided me with something about the business and many link options—but nothing related to the initial message the prompted my initial response.

So I left the website.

Leaving the website cost the business two things:

  • Cost of the initial click from their Facebook ad
  • Cost of losing a potential customer showing an initial interest in their offering

That cost could be reduced if the company had connected their ad to a landing page that was optimized to the targeted audience and relevant to their promotional message.

Types of Promotions that Could Generate Traffic to Your Landing Page

While the example above illustrated a Facebook ad to generate traffic to a company’s website, there are other promotional media and platforms to keep in mind.


Google Ads and Facebook Ads are probably the most popular means of paying per click to generate traffic to a landing page. Both can be highly effective at targeting demographics and user intent.

Direct Mail

The mailbox remains a highly effective method of generating interest in a company’s products and services. For example, a postcard targeted to a specific demographic could be effective at motivating the recipient to visit a website for more information. The response would be better if the URL published on the postcard sent the visitor to a specific page that complements the message and look/feel of the postcard.

Elements of a Landing Page Aligned with Your Promotions

To create a relevant and engaging promotions experience for your potential customer, effective landing pages should include:

  • Relevant headline matched closely with your ad headline and message
  • Supportive tag line
  • Attractive image that emotionally resonates with visitor
  • Copy that features benefits of your product or service
  • Testimonials or badges that foster trust
  • A very clear call to action (phone, lead capture form, etc.)

Before wrapping up your landing page, step back and ask yourself:

“Is the content on your page consistent with your ad?”

If the ad promotes a sale, is the offer front and center on your page?

If your ad is targeting a solution to a problem of a specific demographic (for example, hearing aids to elderly men), does your landing page speak to that audience?

When your landing page matches what your visitor expects to find after seeing your ad, the chances for conversion increases. After all, they did show interest in your message—it’s only fitting that you provide them with a continuation of that message.

Not only will they be more satisfied with making the journey to your landing page but, you’ll be happier with your return on investment.

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