In July, LinkedIn rolled out the ability to record and upload 10 minutes of video to a small number of members. Very soon, this feature will be available to all members of the social media network.

Given LinkedIn’s professional audience, this will be a great tool to share with other businesses and professionals your expertise and solutions you might have for their challenges.

One exciting aspect of this new feature will be the details of your viewers LinkedIn can provide:

  • Where they work
  • Their job title
  • Top markets video was viewed

LinkedIn joins other social media networks in allowing video uploads. In fact, they’re one of the last to add this feature.

Since video’s been available on many other social media platforms:

Let’s Explore Video Best Practices for Each

We’ll ignore Youtube for now as the audience is pretty broad and…well…your video strategy would be dictated by your target market.


Facebook loves videos these days. And they prefer uploaded videos over links to videos (say from Youtube).

Facebook users like to share emotionally engaging content. Basically, did the video make them laugh, cry or inspired. Facebook has a highly diverse and documented audience. Using their demographic tools, you can effectively create a video ad tailored to specific target markets.

Facebook allows videos up to 45 minutes long. However, you might want to keep lengths to no more than four minutes—with the important part of your message on the front portion.

Talking head formats seem to work pretty well on this platform, and apparently when you wear a Chewbacca mask as well.

Topics are anything you can build viewership with. You can showcase new products and services. Maybe announce a new staff member. If you’re a chef, do a live video of today’s specials.


As with the 140 character limit, Twitter wants conciseness in videos—two minutes twenty seconds to be specific.

Informative and event videos seem to appeal to this audience. This would be a good platform to announce a new product or services. Or, news that would impact your target market.


Talk about brevity, Instagram videos must be at least three seconds and no more than 60. Experts say less than 10 seconds is most effective.

Audiences on Instagram respond well to a variety of video topics: tutorials, emotional, breaking news, snippets of live events etc.

As with most of Instagram, image is important. Instead of being a talking head, show what you’re talking about. Show quick uses of a product, or an excited plating of your latest restaurant creation.


Pinterest provides the ability to upload videos and not too many businesses are doing so. Pinterest audiences like story and how to videos. Brightly colored and staged videos work well.

This could be a great platform to show how to use your product or how your product was used by a customer.

As with any best practices, your mileage may vary.

Also, as with any marketing strategy, it’s best to test, analyze and test again. Upload videos on each of the social media platforms and find out how people respond to your message.

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