When potential customers visit your website, can they quickly understand what you do best?

Google would be interested to know that as well. After all, it’s their business model to help online searchers find the best answers to their queries. If your website has the answer for what that user is looking for, then it should be easily accessible to both the search engine and the searcher.

If your business has…

  • The best service in your industry
  • Effective solutions to a problem
  • Most experience
  • A convenient location
  • Most accessible hours

…then your website and online presence should communicate that fact.

We’re Talking About Promoting Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Every business is unique. Most businesses don’t promote their uniqueness.

If your website and online presence say you do the same thing that your competitors do then you’re not really giving potential customers a valid reason to choose you. You’re also giving Google an opportunity to choose a competitor over you in their search engine results.

By promoting your USP consistently throughout your website and online presence, you’ll reinforce to potential customers and search engines what you do best.

Your reward? Top of mind presence with prospects. Top of rankings for search engines when people search for services or products you provide.

How Do You Find Your USP?

Ask the experts who know the most about your business. Those experts are your current customers. They’ve already made the decision to use your services or product. Your job is to find out why they chose you over the competitors.

Ask them personally about why they like doing business with you.

Find common themes among different customers. Listen to their language as they describe your business.

Do they use the same lingo you use to promote your business? If not, then you need to start talking their language—those are the words customers like and will be searching for.

What you’ll discover in these conversations are the key differentiators that make up your USP. And that’s valuable information you can use on your website and online presence.

Maximize Your USP on Your Website

Every page on your website should tout your USP.

  • Copy should say it
  • Photos should reinforce it
  • Testimonials should prove it
  • Calls-to-Action should say how prospects can get it

Online presence should follow suit in your:

  • Business listing copy
  • Social media posts

When you hone the skill of communicating your USP to let people know you have the solutions they’re looking for—you’ll stand out from your completion.

When your website delivers real and authoritative value, customers will notice. So will the search engines.

Reach Out for Help

We understand that many businesses owners and managers are too busy to tackle marketing challenges like:

  • Uncovering your USP
  • Communicating your key differentiators
  • Creating quality content that communicates your key differentiators

If that describes you, then consider delegating those vital tasks.

Give Business Solutions Unlimited a call at (904) 429-4588 and let us take that off your plate today.