Ever have trouble coming up with marketing ideas to promote your business?

Maybe you’re challenged to come up with content for your social media campaigns?

Well, a little creative brainstorming can get your creative juices flowing. It’s amazing how one idea can cascade to another. Before you know it, you’ll have a list of promotional ideas you can use for creative campaigns or offers.

I’m going to focus on one way to generate ideas—tie your promotions to an odd holiday.

Odd holidays are those quirky sort-of-recognized days (e.g. National Donut Day—June 2) that pop on social media. These aren’t the full blown marketing extravaganza days like Mother’s Day.

No, these are fun observation days ripe for offseason, attention-getting, engagement building tie-ins for your product or services.

You can find a list of 2017 Holidays at Holiday Insights.com. When I’m needing some starting point to brainstorm promotion ideas, the lists on this site are great to get the creative mind working.

Let’s Play With Odd Holidays in April

Since April is a few weeks away, this will give you time to prepare for some tie-in campaigns.

April 1 – April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day has become a major marketing event with many national companies. Consumer expectations for a great gag can make coming up with an idea a daunting endeavor. However, it can be fun to bounce ideas around the table. And it’s a fun way to promote your brand personality.


  • Promote a fake funny product
  • Make an outlandish offer nobody will take seriously

April 3 – Don’t Go to work Unless It’s Fun Day

This would be great for a social media campaign. Offer assistance to employers to help make it a fun day for employees. If you’re a restaurant, suggest employers cater a lunch. A trip to an ice cream shop would be fun. Or, an afternoon being pampered at a salon would be a lot of fun. Party shops could remind employers that balloons always brings a smile.

April 7 – No Housework Day

What a perfect day to promote maid services, or for a restaurant suggest everyone stop by for dinner and they’ll do the dishes for you.

April 8 – Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Now that’s an odd day. If you’re a retail store or restaurant, you could offer a discount for people who bring in a homemade drawing of a bird. Be sure to take photos of the drawing and artist for your social media posts.

April 10 – National Sibling Day

Invite siblings to lunch or a relaxing massage.

April 15 – Husband Appreciation Day

A great day to give husbands a gift of appreciation. A gift shop can promote mugs or plaques. Restaurants can offer discounts if wives bring in their hubby. Golf, outdoor and electronic shops share ideas on what to give husbands on this appreciation day.

 April 17 – Submarine Day

Perfect day for delis! Offer a deal on a favorite sub.

April 30 – Hairstyle Appreciation Day

A salon could showcase hairstyles throughout the ages on social media followed by a call to action to visit their shop for a hairstyle that will celebrate the customer’s individuality.

This is just a sampling of the days and promotional ideas you can come up with as a tie-in. I’d suggest you look up the Odd Days of April and following month to help generate some fun ideas.

If you’re looking for someone to brainstorm ideas and help launch odd holiday campaigns, we’d love to help. Give us a call at (904) 429-4588.