“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up” – A A Milne.

Being organized is not only an asset to our everyday life but is a vital part of running a business. Without organization, chaos can ensue and drag a business down. Did you know that when paperwork is not organized correctly it can cost a business roughly $120 in labor to track down a document and roughly $250 in labor to recreate that said document, a manager roughly loses 1 hour a day due to disorder, and the average American will spend one year searching through desk clutter?

All this time wasted due to being unorganized can cost a business a substantial amount of time and money. There are many benefits for being well organized at work and in your everyday life. Some of those benefits include: being able to focus more closely on your goals, managing your time more efficiently, using your time more economically, prioritizing your tasks and presenting and maintaining a more positive and efficient business image.

Not only does being disorganized lose your business time and money, it also creates a more hectic and stressful environment for your employees. When your employees are stressed they are unhappy, when your employees are unhappy they will take less pride in their work environment and work attitude toward your customers.

So what are some ways to help better organize your business? Ditch those paper receipts, there are some pretty handy receipt management scanners or even special apps for your smartphone that you can use to make an electronic copy of those receipts you need to keep. Stay on top of your paper files, emails, and even your social media profiles, anything that is no longer relevant to your business or is out of date get rid of. Clean your desk weekly to make sure you don’t end up with stacks of paperwork on your desk that becomes clutter. By maintaining an organized business, you are maintaining a fun and stress free environment to work in which can only be beneficial to everyone!