The internet is an amazing way to reach millions of people that you might not have been able to reach otherwise.

Through the internet, a person can read something that someone who is thousands of miles away wrote within seconds of posting online. Because of this, blogging is an essential part of businesses and marketing.

Blogs Can Create Stronger Connections between Business and Customers

Did you know that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their business relationship without talking to a human? This means that your consumers are more likely to do research about your company before even contacting you.

A great way for them to learn about your company is through a blog. Consistent blogging allows consumers to learn about:

  • Culture of your company
  • Expertise you have in your industry
  • Solutions you have for the reader’s problems

A blog helps to establish a sense of trust between you and the reader, which is an important step toward the reader becoming your customer.

How Blogging Helps Our Business

Before Business Solutions Unlimited started blogging it was rare that we got inquires about our services from prospects out of town. Since we started blogging about six months ago, more people from other towns have contacted us about our services.

Consistent blogging on various topics about our industry has increased the amount of content on our website. And that has provided the search engines with more resources to provide to their customers – the searchers.

A Case Study of a Blog Post that Generated a Nice Lead


The above image of a Google search result illustrates how writing about specific topics in your industry can have a positive and profitable impact on your business.

The topic, Employee Handbook, is one of our services that’s listed as a bullet on our Human Resources webpage.

As a bullet in a list of services, Google and other search engines probably wouldn’t give that profitable service the time of day as a search result.

However, as a blog post, Google identified the content as an authority resource on the topic and gave that post a healthy ranking for searchers. The result for us, a phone call from a company in Orlando looking for an expert to help update their employee handbook.

Not bad for a blog post that took 30 minutes to write.

The use of keywords within blogs can connect your business with individuals who might never have heard of your company or known what you do. Make your company stand out to individuals who are next door as well as thousands of miles away.

Now, start sharing your company’s personality and expertise by blogging! If you need assistance, give us a call. We’re always here to help.