It’s starting to look like an optimized Google My Business profile may be just as important to local businesses as their website.

Nearly half of Google searches resulted in zero clicks. That means searchers (your potential customers) found the information they were looking for straight from Google’s search results.

Less than half of Google searches resulted in an organic click to non-Google-owned websites. These searchers proceeded to click-thru to a website—hopefully yours.

Those were findings based on data provided by a marketing analytics firm, Jumpstart, earlier in 2019.

Here are the stats for searcher clicks that are creating a buzz among marketers and businesses:

  • Zero-Click Searches: 48.96%
  • Organic Clicks to Non-Google Sites: 41.45%
  • Organic Clicks to Google Sites: 5.90%
  • Paid Clicks to Google Sites: 0.11%
  • Paid Clicks to Non-Google Sites: 3.58%

What are Google Sites?

A while back, that would be Google properties like Youtube.

Now, Google serves up a variety of search result options that can impact businesses in the travel, hotel, flights, shopping, and food delivery fields. That list will continue to grow over time.

Where are those Zero-Click Searchers Going?

Google has been on a mission to provide searchers with as much value as possible in the search results.

When a searcher requests information on a local business, Google likes to serve up the following on their results page:

  • Your business phone number plus a click to call button
  • A way to send a message to your business
  • Ability to ask a question about your business
  • Ability to read or posts reviews
  • Your menu if you’re a restaurant
  • Your special offers and prices

Not too long ago, your potential customers would have to visit your website to find this information.

Now, Google is showing this information from businesses that have provided this information through their Google My Business profile or markups on their websites.

Smart businesses understand that a high-performance Google My Business profile can increase their online visibility in both searches and maps.

More visibility means more customers and revenue.

So, Are Websites Necessary?

They sure are.

As the stats above show, there are still considerable clicks to non-Google sites.

Additionally, Google and other search engines will consistently crawl your site seeking answers to searcher questions and queries.

Businesses can make it easier for Google to gather this information by providing Schema markups on their websites.

Schema markup provides structured data that search engines use to show searchers facts and particulars about topics they’re searching.

There are thousands of schema markups that can be built into websites. Businesses can use markups to share:

  • Business info such as hours, location, etc.
  • Restaurant menus
  • Events
  • Products and pricing
  • Articles

Providing Schema markups on your website is a good way to make your site the hub of your online presence.

Do You Have Time to Manage Your Online Presence?

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Online Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are FAQs about online searches.

What is a Zero-Click Search?

Zero-click searches generally occur when a search engine result page displays the answer a searcher is seeking. When the search result page satisfies the searcher’s intent, there is no need for further clicks.

What is Schema Markup Code?

Schema markup is code placed on websites that helps search engines understand the data presented on webpages. This helps search engines provide informative data for their users.