How would you like to take up more real estate on Google’s search results page? Would you like to increase the discoverability of your website on Google Assistant devices?

You can by simply adding FAQPage Structured Data markup to your webpages.

In May 2019, Google rolled out a FAQPage Structured Data feature that businesses can use on their websites. The feature increases opportunities for businesses to feature helpful webpage content on Google Search result pages.

In many cases, websites implementing the structured data markup have dominated search results on specific topics.

By increasing the real estate on search result pages to display FAQs, these websites will have essentially crowded out competitors.

Additionally, displaying the FAQs online strengthens the perception of business’ knowledge on the specific topic and their helpfulness on their services. This would be an invaluable step toward establishing your expertise and authority in your industry.

Google Guidelines on FAQPage

Google provides guidance on how businesses may use FAQPage Schema on their website.

Basically, Google requests using the markup when your page has a list of questions and answers.

It’s important to note that the Q&As have to be visible on the page.

Valid uses for the markup can be a product, services, or topics page that lists FAQs.

Invalid uses of the markup include:

  • A product page where visitors can actively submit questions
  • Advertising purposes
  • Content that may be considered obscene, profane, sexually explicit, graphically violent, promotion of illegal or dangerous activities, hurtful or harassing language

It’s also important to note that Google does not guarantee that this content will be made available on their search result page:

Disclaimer: Google does not guarantee that your structured data will show up in search results, even if your page is marked up correctly. To determine whether a result gets a rich treatment, Google algorithms use a variety of additional signals to make sure that users see rich results when their content best serves the user’s needs.

Potential Uses of this FAQPage Feature?

Business Solutions Unlimited has started using this feature on webpages focused on knowledge-based topics. Recently, we used it on a blog post about determining employee costs.

We’re also using the markup on this webpage. We see this feature as an opportunity to provide helpful information for searchers and increase our online presence on search pages. Additionally, by displaying this content online, it will help increase our reputation as subject matter experts.

Below, we’ve brainstormed how some businesses might be able to use this feature.

How Could a Restaurant Use this FAQ Feature?

Without being promotional, restaurants could provide FAQs on a variety of topics. For example, they could answer the following questions on their menu page about gluten-free meals, sources for their ingredients, special food preparation techniques, and seasonal dishes. On their general page, they could include information on seating, notable history of the restaurant, whether they take reservations, etc.

How Could an Attorney Use this FAQ Feature?

Attorney websites could be a treasure trove for FAQs topics. Questions and answers could be provided on the firm’s specialties. Answers could be provided on education topics such as specific criminal law and family law topics.

How Could a Vacation Rental Business Use this FAQ Feature?

FAQs displayed on the search page could answer many questions a potential renter might have. Topics for Questions and Answers might include the size of the property, how many people can be accommodated, distance to specific notable locations (beach, downtown, etc.)

At the moment, not many businesses have implemented this feature on their webpages.

As stated above, we believe this is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to use this new feature to further promote their expertise plus increase their visibility online.

Don’t Have Time to Learn About and Implement this Feature on Your Website?

We understand that many business owners might consider implementing FAQPage Markup on their page just one more task to add to their busy day. That’s where we can help.

Give Business Solutions Unlimited a call at (904) 429-4588 and let us start helping you and your business today.

FAQPage Structured Data Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are FAQs about FAQPage Structured Data.

What are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are questions and answers to a specific topic. A website may include a FAQ page for visitors to gain answers to questions about the company or individual behind the website, details on products and services provided by the business or individual. Webpages dedicated to specific topics, products, or services may also include FAQs on the subject matter.

What is FAQPage Structured Data?

FAQPage Structured Data is markup used by website content creators to help show what is considered rich results on Google’s search page. Google allows markups to be built by using JSON-LD or Microdata on webpages. Markup FAQ content may be eligible for a collapsible menu under search engine results on specific topics. When clicked, the menu reveals the answer. This markup can be a powerful tool for businesses to use to help increase their online presence and strengthen their reputation on search pages.

How Many FAQs can be displayed on search result pages using FAQPage Structured Data?

Currently, three FAQs are actively displayed on search result pages. A provided link allows the searcher to uncover up to seven more FAQs on the search result page.

How is FAQPage Structured Data used with Google Assistant?

Google uses structured data to provide content for voice-oriented Google Assistant devices. This provides an opportunity for businesses to increase their presence on multiple devices beyond basic web searches.