It Could Pay to Shop Around for Business Services

Complacency could be robbing you of profits.

When it comes to purchasing business services like insurance, IT or pest control, most business owners are like most consumers—creatures of habit.

Once an owner finds a company to service their needs they generally stay with them, year after year. That’s understandable. After all, it takes time to research services and you’ve got a business to run.

However, shopping for services once a year or every two years could bring a financial reward for your business as in better rates.

But it’s not always about better rates. Shopping around could bring improved services that align with your current business needs.

Those benefits are not just attained by switching service companies. By educating yourself on available rates and services, you might be able to negotiate a better deal with your current provider.

Who knows, they might have been complacent with your account as well.

Below are some business services that shopping around and making comparisons could prove beneficial to your business.

Insurance Companies

As a business, you need insurance. Of course, type of insurance needed for your business varies for general liability, health and worker’s compensation.

Since insurance rates and coverage are based on many factors, it’s important to make sure an insurance company understands your business industry and current needs.

Companies offering industry-specialized protection might offer better rates and coverage for your specific needs plus more apt to stay current on your industry’s trends and requirements.

For example, a florist with a single employee is not going to have the same needs as a general contractor with a dozen. Or, if your business heavily relies on computers, cyber insurance coverage could be beneficial if your systems come under a cyberattack.

When shopping for insurance coverage enlisting the services of an independent insurance broker could be beneficial. They could help you:

  • Assess your risks
  • Determine if you’re currently over or under insured
  • Make sure your insurance company coverage can expand as you grow your business

When selecting an insurance broker, it’s important they understand the type of business you operate and the risks associated with your industry.

IT Companies

As a business grows, so does the technology used to support it. While many small businesses or home-based business might rely on the tech support of friends, eventually a pros touch might be what your business needs.

A general rule of thumb is if you’re a small business with a minimum of five computers, an on-call IT specialist could help prevent computer problems that could take your company down for an unprofitable day—or longer.

When shopping for services of a professional IT service, here are some guidelines:

They Understand Your Operation and Business Computer Needs

Make sure they understand your operation and business computer goals – not just the technology you’re using. That includes:

  • How you use your email service
  • Your data security and backup needs
  • Industry regulations regarding technology and privacy
  • Tablet and smart phone usage
  • Not just your immediate needs, but three and five year business plans

They Provide Choices

Look for a professional who offers a range of services and pricing levels. These individuals probably have done their research and understand that one price does not fit all needs.

They’re Credentialed

Most IT professionals will display their credentials proudly. Look for Microsoft Certifications and Apple Certifications based on the computers you use.

Pest Control

It’s easy to deal with the occasional cockroach in DIY Fashion (anyone got a shoe?).

However, an insect infestation could be a major business interruption. It could also impact your valuable reputation—especially important for say the restaurant business.

And that could be where hiring a pest control professional comes in handy.

When shopping for a pest control professional look at the following:

  • Longevity and experience
  • References (especially those from your industry)
  • Ongoing training of field personnel
  • Use of chemicals applicable to your industry
  • Licensing and liability insurance
  • Prevention and cleanup procedures

Get a Few Estimates

Regardless of services, always make an effort to get a few estimates. That way you can compare services offered and prices before making a decision.

If you need any guidance on selecting a service based on your budget and needs, give us a call, 904-429-4588, today and we’ll be happy to help.