Throughout the United States there are many different types of businesses. Some businesses are major corporations, some are small mom and pop shops, and then there are those that are in between. Small businesses are the back bone of the United States. When you decide to run to the store whether it is for groceries, to fix something, or anything else you might be in the need of more than likely to first think of running to a major store corporation but don’t shrug off those “mom and pop” small businesses just yet. Unfortunately, many times than not small businesses tend to be overlooked for all the wrong reasons. Many individuals believe that small business prices will automatically be higher than that of a corporate store, which is not necessarily true, plus they overlook the benefits of shopping at a small business such as customer care and community support. Making the decision to shop at small businesses instead of big corporations can be beneficial to not only yourself but also to your community.  In 2010, there were 27.9 million small businesses registered within the United States that creates many jobs available to those in our communities. In fact, 49.2% of our nation’s private sector workforce is employed by a small business. Small businesses not only help our economy and create jobs for people but also create relationships.  Within small businesses every person matters to that company, every person’s opinion of their company matters because they will go out and recommend that business to the next person. That is why within small businesses, the company is more willing to go above and beyond for the customer. If the corner store down the road is out of something they are going to be more willing to reach out to their vendors to help get that item for you as quickly as possible.  Need to make a return, but past the return date? The local small business owner might be more willing to bend the rules of the return policy for you. Our world has become a place where much of our life is impersonal. When you call customer service you speak to an automated recording, your pharmacist doesn’t know you let alone your mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, and grandfather. Small businesses build relationships within their community; they take the time to get to know you and your family. They ask “how are you today?” and genuinely care because each and every person that walks into their business is a person to them not just another customer. So when you need to run out to grab a gallon of milk or fill a prescription, consider going to your local small business instead of the big corporation because what we put into them they give us 100% back.