Not long ago, I had a conversation with a business owner who complained about how he couldn’t get around to marketing his business.

He’d paid for several marketing workshops, joined marketing mastermind groups and even subscribed to several marketing newsletters.

“I’ve got tons of marketing ideas, but no time to implement them,” he complained.

So, I suggested he outsource the marketing of his business. Let someone who had time and experience take his ideas and make them a reality.

He took my advice and outsourced his marketing to me.

Shortly thereafter, he had a website, a YouTube channel, a social media presence, templated emails, presentations, flyers and–most importantly–the marketing foundation to generate leads that can be funneled to his sales team.

Other than regularly scheduled meetings where he shared his ideas and business goals—his marketing happened while he could focus on working his business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

Besides saving time, a marketing virtual assistant can provide a business owner with valuable benefits:

Streamlining: Marketing is a multifaceted process that requires highly skilled and experienced personnel to carry out properly. Hiring such an individual could be well outside the budget of a small business. A virtual assistant isn’t an expensive addition to your staff.

Experienced Attention: When you outsource to a marketing expert, you get the full benefit of their knowledge, experience and time.

Increased Productivity: With your marketing being handled by someone else, you can focus on your core business and staff.

What Marketing Tasks Can You Outsource?

Pretty much any task related to attracting prospective customers can be outsourced. Some examples include:

Developing and Maintaining Your Website

An experienced marketing professional should create your site based on a content strategy that understands and speaks to your target market. Every page should include a call to action that ultimately funnels the audience to become a customer.

Additionally, maintaining a website is an important ongoing task. This can include developing new content, updating functionalities and security.

Building traffic to the site should also be a priority for your outsourced marketing.

Social Media

Social media has become very important in generating visitors to websites and in lead generation.

A marketing virtual assistant can be invaluable, developing content to post to engaging your social media community.

Additionally, social media advertising can be a great way to generate leads. Your marketing virtual assistant should understand how to create ads and target demographics in social media networks like Facebook.

Emails & Text Messaging

Creating copy for emails and text messaging can be challenging—especially when developing a campaign. An experienced marketer can help create a series of content targeting your prospective or existing customer that ultimately leads them to an eventual conversion.

Is a Marketing Virtual Assistant Right for Your Business?

We can help you with that decision. Give us a call at (904) 429-4588 and let’s see if a virtual assistant can help you save time and grow your business.