I have been lucky enough to have experienced working professionally in Corporate America, Government & Small Business. Believe it or not there are some similarities & of course big differences. I have now owned my own small business for nine years. I have seen it from all sides, however, I am naturally drawn to anything small business it seems.

How Eavesdropping Started It All

One day I was working in operations management for a particular industry. I often walked the halls when I had time to ensure I was visible & approachable to all staff members. Along a few of these walks, I overheard several of our staff in phone conversations that seemed to be about something other than the services we provided. I later returned & inquired. I was right, all about other operational issues of which I happened to be able to answer from the top of my head. I went back to my office & as I sat back down in my chair it was like the moons of my mind began to align.

  1. Over the years I have certainly found myself in situations I felt uneasy to handle due to lack of knowledge, time, resources, etc.
  2. I cannot begin to tell you the insanely wide range of issues I have & still deal with daily. At least I can say every day is truly a different day.
  3. I am most proud of my ability to build a strong, happy, talented team. That is evident in my own success.
  4. It can be lonely at the top. However, that cannot be a reason to begin to interrupt the needed employee/employer balance!
  5. The smaller the business the deeper the cut. Meaning, the effect of something on a Small Business can be much greater than on a larger business. For example, the employee pool may be shallow enough that the owner opens themselves or wasted money is truly money from the dinner table.
  6. Every (small) business owner needs a “business manager” or at least could benefit from one. Especially someone who understands all this & more.

At its peak, the thought was clear. “I will open a small business for small businesses, I can help them with so many operational issues”. Then I thought, “I could create a small business resource center based on their needs & requests”. By build a strong, happy, talented team of specialists in the main operational areas such as Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing & Management.” I love a small business win-win!

Years later, I am the CEO of BSU, a small business resource center headquartered in St. Augustine. BSU has grown and continues to grow as we help small businesses.