Many small businesses create Facebook Pages with hopes of attracting customers. Unfortunately, Facebook pages are pretty much a pay to play platform.

Unless you pay to boost and promote your Facebook Page posts they won’t have the organic reach they did a few years ago. It’s can be disheartening to post some engaging content or helpful advice on your page only to see a sprinkling of likes or views—and one of them is your mom.

So, where are 1.9 billion monthly Facebook users hanging out?

Well, over a billion are actively participating in Facebook Groups. And Facebook is encouraging you to participate as well. The social media giant recently started to test a way for business pages to create groups and interact with group members. What a great way to build a community.

However, there’s no need to wait for the roll out of this function. You can create groups, join existing ones and interact with members from your personal Facebook account. And this is a great way to promote your expertise.

The Biggest Positives with Facebook Groups

  • You’ll be interacting with people with specific interests that should align with your expertise
  • Facebook users are sent notifications whenever someone posts to the Group

Join Existing Groups on Topics Aligned with Your Expertise—and Start Sharing It

Finding groups is easy. Facebook provides an “Explore Groups” link that you can use to discover Groups on a variety of topics and interest. Simply search for existing groups that you can provide some value to its members.

Once you find a group (or several), you’ll need to join it. If it’s a closed Group, you’ll have to request membership. Public groups are open to all.

Once you’ve joined a Group, spend some time to explore the topics of discussion. If you can lend some value, add it. It’s important not to jump right off the bat and promote your business—just advise for now. Let the members know you’re an expert and willing to share what you know.

Basically, you’re setting up a “top-of-mind” awareness about what you do. When people need your services, you’ll be there to help.

Create Your Own Community with Facebook Groups

Consider building a Group around your business. If you’ve got Facebook Page followers, invite them to join your group (including your mom). And invite your followers to invite their friends.

Again, don’t think of overtly promoting your business. This is an opportunity to engage a community on an interest.

For example, if you’re landscaper, create a Group for people who love to work in the yard. You can provide expertise on what plants work well in the local area and answer questions about issues people have with their yards.

Use your Group to drive discussions related to your expertise. Allow members to create content relevant to the topic as well—that way you’re not doing all the work to maintain your Group.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun & Engage

Facebook Groups are about engagement. Have fun. Ask questions. Use the Group members to float product and service ideas. Build a community online, then invite members for a meet and greet offline—maybe at your place business.

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