How would you like to increase the online presence of your business with a free webpage?

Yes, that’s a free webpage to showcase your branding, message, products, and services—all courtesy of Google.

Launched in 2017, Google’s Website Builder provides businesses that have a Google My Business (GMB) listing an opportunity to create a single page webpage in three simple steps:

  1. Create: Business details and images automatically pulled from your GMB listing
  2. Edit: Customize your page with themes, colors, and content
  3. Publish: With or without a custom domain name

Google walks you through each step and many businesses could publish their free website within 10 minutes.

Look below for additional information on Google’s Website Builder and how your business could use it to increase your online presence.

However, if you’re thinking “wow, another task I’ve got to add to my busy day!” we’d like to come to your rescue.

Business Solutions Unlimited can help create not just your GMB webpage, but make sure your online presence truly reflects the benefits customers gain by choosing your business.

Give us a call at (904) 429-4588 and let’s see how we can help your business today.

Frequently Asked Questions and Details About Google’s Website Builder

What Types of Businesses Could Benefit from a Google My Business Website

Any business with a Google My Business listing can use Google’s Website Builder and should do so. Why? Well, it’s free. It’s also provided by Google, which gives it a bit of an online boost for your online presence.

Google is constantly looking for details about your business to present to searchers and this webpage would add to your overall online presence.

Can a Google Website Replace a Business’ Stand-alone Website?

Since Google’s Website is a single page, it would be a challenge for most businesses to use to fully communicate your business’s details.

Savvy businesses consider their website as a hub of online presence and will use Google’s free webpage as a component in their overall online presence.

Businesses can provide links to their stand-alone website on Google’s webpage.

What Content Can Be Put on a Google Website? 

A Google My Business website is divided into zones of content and pulls much of it from a business’s GMB listing. The site is divided into:

  • Navigation
  • Header: Business name and description
  • Banner Image
  • Updates from GMB posts
  • Testimonials pulled from the GMB listing
  • About Us: A summary of your business, products, and services
  • Gallery of Images: Pulled from GMB
  • Contact Info: Map, Contact Number, Address, Hours, etc.

Can a Google Website be Mobile Friendly?

Google My Business website is optimized for mobile. In fact, you can manage the site straight from your phone.

Do You Have Time to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?

If you don’t, we do.

That’s why we’re here.

Give Business Solutions Unlimited a call at (904) 429-4588 to explore the ways we can help you with your business today.