We recently shared how small businesses could benefit from creating videos to promote their business, services and expertise. With the help of Facebook, businesses can take video marketing one step further – by broadcasting real-time videos.

Facebook Live lets you connect instantly with your audience with the simple push of a button. Simply open your Facebook page, click “Status” and choose the Live video icon. Now you’re broadcasting live to the news feeds of people who’ve liked your page.

Here are Some Benefits to Using Facebook Live to Promote Your Business:

  • Facebook Live videos are watched 3-times longer than posted videos
  • Facebook Live videos appear higher in news feeds while they’re live than posted videos—Facebook is committed to this type of content
  • Audiences comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than non-live videos
  • Once someone views your Facebook Live broadcast, they can receive notification of new broadcasts

Another huge benefit –it’s simple to do. No need for additional software, editing or equipment – just use your smartphone and Facebook. The beauty of Facebook Live videos is after your broadcast ends, it can still be viewed later.

Attracting an Audience to Your Facebook Live Event

For a Facebook Live event, pre-promotion is key to building up an audience for your event.

Facebook provides tools to schedule your broadcast. Scheduling triggers a news feed post where your audience can request a reminder when your events start.

As with any news feed post, you can ask your audience to share the upcoming event. Ask your friends and family to share your event (and comment during the broadcast to broaden your engagement numbers).

Also, you can pay Facebook to boost the post to a wider and/or targeted audience.

If you’ve got an email list, use it to inform recipients about your upcoming event.

You can also boost and share the recorded video of your event after the broadcast once it’s been added to your timeline.

Creative Ways to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your business

Let’s take a look at how you could use Facebook Live.

Introduce New Products or Service

If it’s a new product, broadcast an unboxing (if it’s packaged) to show everything that comes with the item. In another broadcast, demonstrate using the product.

If you have a new service, share the benefits live. If it’s in your shop—for example a spa–demonstrate the service on a willing customer.

Also, if it’s a service carried out at a home, do a live event from that home. Interview the customer on why they chose that service (and your business).

Share Today’s Restaurant Menu and Specials

Talk about fresh content. Pick a consistent time of day to hit the Facebook Live button and talk about your daily specials—live from your kitchen.

Maybe offer a special deal for your audience in your call to action – today only, mention this “word” and get a free appetizer.

Give a Behind the Scene Look of Your Place of Business

People love seeing what’s behind the curtain. Give a live tour of your business. Show how a product is made or customer service is carried out. This is a great way for your audience to get a taste of your brand’s experience.

Answer Questions Live

Answer questions posed by your customers. You can request questions when you promote your upcoming event. Or, you can invite your audience to post questions during your broadcast for an engaging broadcast.

Host interviews with employees, customers or specialists in your industry

What a great way to communicate your expertise.

Is there an employee noted for outstanding service? Take 5 minutes and ask him or her how they approach their job, what their favorite part of their job is and tell a story of one of their positive customer experiences.

Do you have a loyal customer that’s always referring you business? Ask them to take a few minutes to tell you and your audience why they love your business.

Do you know specialists in your industry? Maybe it’s a vendor? They’d probably love to take the time to explain the benefits of your industry.

Hey, Don’t Forget a Call to Action

Make sure you know in advance your Call to Action. That way, you’re prepared to conclude your live event and motivate your audience to take advantage of your business.

If it’s a phone call, script it out a “call us to discuss how we can help you” or something similar.

Or invite them to visit your shop for a special offer or see a demonstration of your product.

Now Start Broadcasting

Facebook has made it easy for you to live stream your business. This can be one more tool you can use to generate attention and leads.

Looking for someone to brainstorm ideas using Facebook Live? We’d love to help. Give us a call at (904) 429-4588 and we’ll start discussing how you can use this tool to benefit your business.