Recently, I saw an ad for a service that appealed to a need of mine.

The ad had some of the elements of a good promotion:

  • A headline
  • An image and colors to attract my attention
  • Contact information (such as a phone number)

What was missing? Well, a few things really. The ad focused on features instead of benefits. There wasn’t an offer to quickly motivate me, which is needed to get a consumer to respond.

Most importantly, No Clear Call to Action

Call to action, or CTA, is essential to motivate a response to your message.

The ad needed easy instructions on what to do next. Sure, there’s a phone number. I guess they wanted me to call.

It’s the guessing part—a slight hesitation on the part of the consumer on what action to take—that can create mental confusion. Confusion is an obstacle that could mean one less customer for your business.

A simple “Call Today to Schedule Your Service” would have sufficed.

Let’s Dissect a CTA

“Call Today to Schedule Your Service” tells me exactly what I should do after the ad has built a case on why that company can handle my needs.

Consider the CTA the close of your sales pitch. It’s the guide to the next step the customer needs to take to accomplish his or her goal.

The phrase “Call Today to Schedule Your Service” is actionable.

“Call” is the simple, actionable, easily understood verb that sets the stage for what to do next.

“Today” provides an urgency to take action. The phrase could include “Now” instead of “Today.”

“Schedule Your Service” is the payoff—the final destination—to taking action.

Fancying Up a CTA

An added bonus would be to combine “limitations” to create the sense of “urgency.” Consider the emotional impact of:

Hurry! Only a Few Appointments Available this Week.
Call Now to Schedule Your Service.

If you throw a time-based offer into the mix, you can really drive that sense of urgency.

Limited Time Offer! Ends September 15.
Call Immediately to Schedule Your Service.

Test Your CTAs

There’s many phrases you can use to create a CTA. Which one is right for you? Well, that’s what testing CTAs can tell you.

Try different phrases combined with different offers. Track the responses.

Eventually, you’ll discover a formula that drives more engagement for your product or service.

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