During a networking meeting, someone expressed frustration that their Facebook ad campaign wasn’t getting the results they expected.

The Facebook ad was performing well by driving traffic to their website…but their phone wasn’t ringing.

Assuming the Facebook ad campaign was targeting the right demographics for their business, it might not be a Facebook ad issue. Instead, it might be the destination of the click—the landing page on their website.

It’s been our experience that many small businesses focus primarily on design and copy when it comes to building websites. While those are important, businesses should also consider their conversion funnel. Mainly, how to simply and quickly convert a visitor to a prospect or customer through an effective landing page.

Build Your Landing Page to Convert

Below are simple tactics you can use to help improve your landing pages to better convert visitors.

Make Sure It Loads Fast

Ad clickers are fickle. They expect an almost immediate response for their action (the click). A one-second delay can result in 11 percent fewer page views.

Site speed matters. Make sure your images are optimized. Be sure your website hosting is up to the task of delivering your site quickly.

Keep your page simple—complications can task the speed of your site.

Keep it Uncluttered, Focused and Beneficial

Speaking of simple…

Many times, I’ve clicked on an ad only to arrive at a landing page showing everything about the business (including the kitchen sink), and many times that destination is the home page.

When people click on your Facebook or Google ad, they’ve expressed an interest in your initial message. The destination page should reward that visitor by continuing just that message.

Everything on the landing page should focus on the message. Anything else is just a distraction for the visitor. A distraction is an opportunity for the visitor to leave. Keep your copy focused on message and benefit-oriented. The beneficial copy and images should help drive the visitor to an appropriate call to action.

Test It

A/B testing can show you what works and what doesn’t on your landing page.

Don’t hesitate to try new colors, images or copy. See if a different headline increases how long people stay on your page. Maybe a video will increase conversion. How does a green button work compared to the blue one? Change one element at a time on your landing page or create two landing pages and have your ad automatically split where the visitors go.

The data you gather from A/B testing will be invaluable to improving your landing page conversions.

Reach Out for Help

An effective landing page can drive the customer to your business, but it takes time to find out what an effective landing page looks like for your target market. If that’s time you don’t have, consider delegating. A Virtual Assistance Firm like Business Solutions Unlimited can provide the expertise and talent to build, test and manage your landing page.

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